Cups, Bowls, Money Boxes and Perfume Bottles.

Part Seen, Part Imagined, Studio Pavilion Glasgow 2019

Porcelain, Pigment and Sand

Shelves designed by Glasgow Tool Library

Scent Flasks Samples.Old Huis, Tokyo

Arita Porcelain, Pigment

Supported by Cove Park, Arts Initiative Tokyo and Creative Residency Arita

Photographs by Yukiko Koshima

Documentation of Greenware, a talk about Arita porcelain production and perfume bottles. Image referencing Penicillin Culture Vessel designed by Norman Heatley

Photograph by Yukiko Koshima 

Production in Arita

Scotland Japan Exchange Residency 2019.

In collaboration between Cove Park, Creative Residency Arita and Arts Initiative Tokyo.

Objects kindly donated, collected and borrowed from Annette Rauf, Margaret Watt, Jane Sutherland and Eliz Murphy.

I Remain Yours at The Tenement House Museum, 2018

Photographs by Malcolm Cochrane

Home-ware, wool, tufted at Tunberry Rugs, Scotland.

I Remain Yours at The Tenement House Museum, Glasgow 2018

Photographs by Malcolm Cochrane

Village College, 2018

Photographs by Sean Campbell

Furniture made in collaboration with Simon Worthington for Reel Meal, an evening of food and film screenings hosted by Thankyou Very Much Collective at David Dale Gallery, 2017

Steel rod, plywood, dyed wool, woven placemats, corrugated plastic packaging

Making the bed, Laying the Table, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Max Slaven, Florence Dwyer, Katie Schwab, Simon Worthington

Making the Bed, Laying the Table. Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 2016

Works made in collaboration with Simon Worthington and Katie Schwab

Photos by Max Slaven